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Construction Contractor in Santa Rosa CA

Locally Owned, Deeply Experienced

Over the years, we have been privileged to work on a wide variety of homes and buildings throughout Northern California. With such a diverse array of architecture in the area, our team has learned from the experience of working with many different designs, materials, and building techniques.

From historical restorations to the most modern green building practices, we know how to serve the Sonoma County area as the contractor you can trust for all manner of projects.

Our love of local homes and businesses and the construction experience gleaned along the way bring us to today, ready to tackle your remodeling project or new construction plans with a careful hand and educated eye.

Our Values

Carrington Construction was founded on core principles, to be upheld by every member of our team. We stress the importance of quality work and customer service in four critical areas:

  • Honesty. We are realists who will not promise an impossible timeline. At the same time, we know how to work creatively and efficiently to produce exceptional work according to your budget. We do what we say we will.
  • Integrity. Your investment in contractor services places great faith in us, and we respect that by communicating and doing our jobs with integrity. We prefer to succeed by doing things the right way and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • Craftsmanship. Every member of our team brings a crucial ingredient to the mix. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we maintain the highest standards of artisan-quality work down to the finest details.
  • Aesthetics. Form and function should go hand-in-hand. While we love the nitty-gritty work of construction, we also know that you want stylish results that suit your personal preferences.

Our Team

Troy Carrington leads our team with a great eye for detail, along with the mindfulness and precision required for successful project management. He oversees all our operations and ensures productive collaboration between every team member and tradesperson involved.

All Carrington Construction employees have passed a series of rigorous tests, training, and screening before working on any job. We follow California’s Megan’s Law for background checks. Ultimately, we can always promise that everyone working on your project is a trustworthy professional.

As any construction work or significant remodeling project will require subcontractors to supply specialty trade work, we also screen all members of our network for proper licensing, insurance, and bonding.

Carrington Construction brings you the best Builders, Designers, Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Tile setters, Exterior Contractors, and all the other expert craftsmen you need all managed by our veteran leadership team to deliver the best quality results.

Get to Know Us with a Consultation

Take a moment to browse our site, explore our portfolio, and get a feel for the remodeling and construction work that we can produce. Whenever you are ready, the next step is to get in touch to interview each other and find out how we can work together on your upcoming project.

Feel free to reach out by phone or contact us online to request a consultation with Carrington Construction for general contractor services in Sonoma County.


Specializing in luxury custom built homes and remodels, Carrington Construction is your residential contractor of choice in the Santa Rosa CA area.


Our experience as a retail contractor has made Carrington Construction the ‘go to’ choice for commercial custom builder projects in the Santa Rosa CA area.

Our Process

As a full service contractor, our process is unique. Our success as a high end custom builder is uniquely founded upon our process and attention to detail.

Case Studies

Every construction project we take on is focused on achieving the highest praise. Here are some case studies and testimonials from a few of our customers.

From our happy clients

I love supporting local small businesses and Carrington Construction really sets the bar high. I can always be assured that my clients will receive not only the finest quality detailed construction but also great communication and timely responses…so hard to find these days…I strongly recommend Carrington Construction to all of my friends,family and clients knowing they will be very well taken care of!

Debbie Pannell Hegardt

Santa Rosa, CA

A diverse array of construction projects