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Construction should never be a simple paint-by-numbers game. At Carrington Construction, Inc., we have an eye for what works well and how to build it.

The design-build approach creates synergy as the creative side and practical side work in lockstep throughout the entire construction or renovation project.

Carrington Construction, Inc. partners with local, visionary designers to create plans that are tailored to your preferences. By incorporating our construction expertise from the beginning, the plans can be more easily and efficiently implemented, with fewer surprises or changes necessary along the way.

Lean on the expertise of Carrington Construction, Inc. to bring your project to fruition. Contact us online or give us a call to request an initial consultation.

Interior Remodel Construction | Carrington Construction Inc

Advantages of a Design Build Contractor

Design build services provide many advantages for the project owner. Most importantly, you get the services you need under one umbrella. The project can begin rather quickly, with final details like specific cosmetic touches being chosen and added in-progress. During the project, your design build contractor works efficiently because of the strong working relationship between the various players involved.

By contrast, the standard design-bid-build approach can yield predictable results with known costs going in. However, what if you change your mind and need change orders? What if materials suddenly become unavailable due to a shortage in the supply chain? The unexpected can and does happen. A design build contractor can more seamlessly adapt mid-project and solve problems with minimal disruption to the plans, schedule, and budget. Carrington Construction works side by side with Architects, Designers and Engineers to overcome difficult problem situations. The team creates and efficient and effective plan and execution.

Our Design Build Services

We recommend using a design build contractor system for many of our new construction clients, or for any substantial remodeling project. If you want more than a superficial renovation gutting the kitchen rather than just replacing the cabinets, for instance you can typically expect faster, smoother results from a design build team.

Carrington Construction, Inc. provides design build contractor services in Northern California for a variety of projects:

  • New Construction
  • Home Additions
  • Custom Kitchen Renovations
  • Custom Bathroom Renovations
  • Master Suite Additions & Remodeling
  • Commercial Construction
  • Commercial Remodeling

The Carrington Construction, Inc. Approach to Design Build Contractor Services

Our motto says it all. We Listen. We Build.

You’re the boss! Both your designer and your builder should be working for you. By partnering with respected independent designers, rather than in-house employees, Carrington Construction, Inc. utilizes the design build approach while avoiding any conflict of interest. In other words, the designer creates plans with your best interests in mind, and Carrington Construction, Inc. operates as central command and the driving force to build the plans successfully.

As your design build contractor, we bring you all the benefits of clear communication and seamless project management from planning to completion. We bring you the best design minds in the area, while also incorporating value engineering and feasibility studies to make sure the designs can be built to your liking, on schedule and at the right price.

Design Vision and Building Excellence

At Carrington Construction, Inc., we understand the equal importance of quality design and skilled craftsmanship. As your design build contractor, we pledge to deliver the best results with integrity. That means fostering a productive relationship between you, the designers, and our team through communication and transparency.

We work with our clients and designers to start the project off with everyone on the same page. Our project managers and estimators create a cohesive plan so that our builders and artisans have the right blueprint for success.

Throughout the building process, we work seamlessly with the designers to address any changes that you want to introduce and to avoid any stumbling blocks that might arise. Above all, Carrington Construction, Inc. pledges to make everything go as smoothly as possible when you choose us as your design build contractor.


Specializing in luxury custom built homes and remodels, Carrington Construction, Inc. is your residential contractor of choice in the Santa Rosa CA area.


Our experience as a retail contractor has made Carrington Construction, Inc. the ‘go to’ choice for commercial custom builder projects in the Santa Rosa CA area.

Our Process

As a full service contractor, our process is unique. Our success as a high end custom builder is uniquely founded upon our process and attention to detail.

Case Studies

Every construction project we take on is focused on achieving the highest praise. Here are some case studies and testimonials from a few of our customers.

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Interior Remodel Construction | Carrington Construction Inc
Interior Remodel Construction | Carrington Construction Inc
Kitchen and Bath Remodel | Troy Carrington Construction

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