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Our Custom Home Building Process

Our custom home building process starts with planning and vision. We are the contractor that will act as your partner and stakeholder, caring as much about the success of the project as you do, committed to your success.

We value teamwork, creative thinking, and strong communication skills to deliver the custom-built, thoughtfully designed construction project you have envisioned. We take care of every component of the custom home building process including:

  • Pre-planning and designs
  • Zoning, building permits, historic building codes
  • Client-centric consultations
  • Project management
  • Screening and approving subcontractors
  • Value engineering
  • Risk management
  • Ongoing customer communication
  • On-site visits throughout the project
  • Follow-up and post-construction services

The custom home builders at Carrington Construction, Inc. care about your complete satisfaction with the results. To get there, we put in the legwork and sustain our utmost attention to your project from start to finish, while keeping you informed throughout.

Custom home build in process

Communication and Efficiency

Our motto says it all. We Listen. We Build.

You’re the boss! Both your designer and your builder should be working for you. By partnering with respected independent designers, rather than in-house employees, Carrington Construction, Inc. utilizes the design build approach while avoiding any conflict of interest. In other words, the designer creates plans with your best interests in mind, and Carrington Construction, Inc. operates as central command and the driving force to build the plans successfully.

As your high end custom builder, we bring you all the benefits of clear communication and seamless project management from planning to completion. We bring you the best design minds in the area, while also incorporating value engineering and feasibility studies to make sure the designs can be built to your liking, on schedule and at the right price.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience with Carrington Construction.

We were a victim of the 2017 “Tubbs” fire in Sonoma County. We needed to build from the ground up. Rather than use the previous floor plans we changed the location of the house on the property as well as the general layout.

We had what we thought were good plans, working them over until we were happy with the results. Once we were satisfied, started the approval process and began looking for General Contractors.

We received a couple of bids which were just numbers, no details. Troy of Carrington Construction however offered a complete and detailed plan on how much it would cost to rebuild along with details of what those numbers involved. While reviewing the plans, Troy informed us there were engineering errors and should be revised, thus saving $1000’s.

Needless to say, we hired Troy and Company in October 2018 almost a year to the date after the fire.

Our relationship started out a bit rough when we began to realize how thin the plans actually were. A new site survey should have been done, the engineering firm was not local, and the Geo Engineer was very strict.

After some false starts the concrete forms started to go up. And then the rains started. Winter 2018/2019 was a very wet year in Sonoma County. However, Carrington Construction rose to the challenge. Rather than just stopping the project and losing 4 months of progress Carrington Construction rigged tarps and pumps to keep out the water and keep his crew working through the winter. With the concrete poured, basic framing was started on the ground floor.

During the above process the designer left the project. This meant we had to work even more closely with Carrington Construction to interpret what was intended and how to implement the plans. Many challenges and compromises followed as design met reality.

Throughout this process Carrington Construction maintained steady progress on the build. We met weekly to walk through the previous week’s work and plan for the new week. Going over the plans, discussing potential problems, and reaching good solutions.

Due to various issues with the plans, structural and architectural, constant communication was critical and maintained via face-to-face, phone, email, and text depending on urgency.

Troy was able to suggest several design improvements and the end results vastly increased the overall concept of the house.

The final delay was Covid-19. The Shelter in Place did not affect our rebuild project as fire rebuild projects were considered essential. Fortunately, we were near the end of the construction and had finishing details remaining only and everyone was able to put health and safety foremost.

As we come to the end of our project, we have a beautiful new home, with clean lines and modern design. Much of which Carrington Construction is directly responsible for achieving.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Troy, Jerred, Will, Jaime and all of the crew for taking care to ensure we felt we were respected and our opinions and wants were heard.

We will be offering recommendations to all we meet to use Carrington Construction for their project.

Best Regards,

William Beauchamp

William Beauchamp

A focus on efficiency

We produce high-quality work with attention to detail, while doing so in the most efficient ways possible. Carrington Construction, Inc. emphasizes planning and management skills at every step to keep things on-budget and on-time.

Clear communication

With a consultative approach to design and planning, plus site visits throughout the project, we keep all stakeholders apprised of progress with open lines of communication.

Quality labor

Our team is comprised of talented, trained, experienced professionals who have been thoroughly screened. Even our subcontractors undergo screening and must meet our high standards of quality.

Cost management

We take our role seriously as your commercial contractor. We know that you not only want to meet a specific timeline, but you also need controlled, predictable costs. Carrington Construction, Inc. knows how to avoid risk and plan ahead to sidestep any roadblocks.

The Client Comes First

We always aim for the sweet spot where cost-efficiency and high-quality work meet. You have a number of choices for your high end custom, but only Carrington Construction, Inc. provides such a caring attention to detail and a client-first approach.

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