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Carrington Construction Inc. is a full-service commercial construction company providing award-winning design/build, construction management and general contracting services. We offer you turnkey solutions to your specific requirements; you can rely on Carrington Construction Inc. for site selection, planning, construction and project management.

With years of experience as a California Commercial Contractor, we know how to create stylish and high-quality results for businesses of all kinds. Through a commitment to honesty, integrity, and creative problem-solving, Carrington Construction Inc. delivers successful commercial construction services that are tailored to your budget and schedule.


Many believe it’s the type of building that distinguishes residential construction from commercial construction. Not entirely; some commercial facilities actually appear to be residential from the outside, even though the facility is built to comply with much stricter regulations and numerous codes that have no bearing on residential construction. Regardless of size, commercial buildings must address ADA handicap accessibility, egress requirements, complex mechanical systems, elevators, fire and security alarms, not to mention higher traffic and wear.

That’s why it’s crucial to hire an experienced commercial contractor – like Carrington Construction Inc. – and not just a residential builder who’s hoping to build a commercial building for his portfolio.  Commercial construction requires a commercial construction skill set.


Commercial construction must have:

  • More extensive preplanning, cost control and project management
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are much more complex in commercial buildings due to the size of the building and the occupancy levels
  • Sprinklers and fireproofing, which residential buildings normally don’t have
  •  Larger and more expensive equipment (like cranes) and have greater infrastructure needs (elevators, bathrooms on each floor, and parking lots/garages)
  • Bonding to assure delivery; greater insurance coverage
  • Different and more extensive permits and inspections


Why Carrington Construction?

Integrity. Transparency. Expertise. Value.

Beyond these cornerstone qualities, Carrington Construction Inc. has the experience and knowledge to navigate the complex process that must be addressed for commercial construction or renovation with clarity. 

Carrington Construction Inc. acts as your partner at every step of your project to ensure your organization enjoys a smooth and efficient process on the road to creating your new space. Because we work almost exclusively in the tri-county area, we have an in-depth knowledge of the challenging California construction climate. We enjoy good relationships with subcontractors and know their capabilities.

Our team is comprised of talented, trained, experienced professionals. All subcontractors undergo screening and must meet our high standards of quality. What’s more, Carrington Construction Inc. is financially solid with substantial bonding capacity for large scale projects.


Proper site development is the first step in ensuring project success. We can assist in site selection and acquisition or work within your existing site.

  • Site Analysis and Acquisition
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Code Compliance
  • Master Plan/Site Plan Development
  • Finance Documentation

We bring a valuable contractor’s perspective to the planning phase, working closely with you to determine methods, materials and specifications, contracts, and administration that will result in the best facility for your budget.

  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management
  • Delivery Methods and Milestones
  • Estimating and Scheduling
  • Bidding Services
  • Subcontractor Qualification

Our financial strength, comprehensive staff, and field crews, together with our thorough knowledge of subcontractor capabilities, allow us to achieve higher project performance levels. We can help you identify the most efficient delivery system for your project.

  • General Contracting
  • Design/Build
  • Construction Management Service
Camino Alto-Commercial Construction-Exterior-BeforeCamino Alto Commercial Construction Exterior


For more than 20 years, Carrington Construction Inc. has provided California’s diverse medical, hospitality, wine, not-for-profit and commercial enterprises with a wide range of construction services scaled to meet the needs of our clients as well as the demands of the project. We’re all for innovation and creativity; that said, most commercial buildings are more function over form. We know what works for long-term performance and what will likely cause issues down the road.

Our experience covers design, materials, cost control, scheduling and California environmental issues.  We approach each project with the lessons learned from similar projects, while also bringing a fresh eye to your unique needs. As your commercial contractor, we have the in-house talent and a network of trusted artisans to handle carpentry, mechanical, exteriors, finishes, and other requirements for commercial buildings.

Your project may be as large and complex as a 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, as intimate as a wine tasting room or as task-specific as a dental office. Regardless of your needs, our construction management team is committed to delivering your building on time and to your complete satisfaction. This team approach — working closely with the owner and architect — assures open communication and greater construction value.

Trust Carrington Construction Inc. as your full-service commercial contractor for any renovation, expansion, or construction project:


Wineries and Breweries


Tasting Room Construction


Wine Storage


Wine Tanks


Wine Caves


Cannabis Dispensary Construction


Cannabis Sampling Rooms


Multi-Family & Apartment Construction


Bell Towers


Worship Temples


Greek Orthodox Churches


Russian Orthodox Churches


Catholic Churches


Serbian Churches


Christian Churches






Metal Buildings


Event Facilities



Renovations & Remodeling


Historical Building Restorations


Restaurant Remodeling


Retail & Office Remodeling


Hotel & Hospitality Renovations


Seismic Upgrades and Structural Repairs


Bridge Building


Bridge Seismic Upgrades


Commercial Buildings (Tenant Improvements)


The Carrington Construction Inc. Design/Build process offers the building owner the best of both worlds: greater participation in the construction process coupled with reduced costs and faster project delivery.

In addition to providing single-source responsibility over the entire process, our Design/Build leverages the concepts of “lean thinking”.

Value engineering is conducted during the planning/programming stages, determining what is important to the client and the project, partnering with subcontractors best suited to the project, and eliminating all processes and tasks that do not contribute value.

Simultaneous Team-Effort

A multidisciplinary team shares information at the onset to establish common goals for the team to achieve. Carrington Construction Inc. orchestrates the activities of all team members, allowing different aspects of the project to move forward simultaneously with individual team members empowered to make decisions that contribute to project success.

Building owners work with the same staff throughout the process for better communications, better results.

Benefits of Design/Build

  • Building owner is an integral member of the team, with access to all information
  • All processes add value to the customer, and all non-value activities, such as redundant bidding and documentation, are reduced or eliminated
  • Multidisciplinary team strives for higher project quality through collaborative planning, open communication, and process improvements
  • Simultaneous, continuous workflow assures faster project delivery
  • Greater synergy and openness to design and material alternatives result in continuous improvement throughout the project


Mass Timber is becoming a preferred building system for award-winning design, excellent facility performance and a near-neutral carbon footprint. It’s no wonder Mass Timber is popular among architects and building owners; there is no mistaking the creative, beautiful designs. Carrington Construction Inc. is one of the leading contractors of Mass Timber, partnering with designers and architects in the tri-county area to bring Mass Timber facilities to life.

There is no mistaking a Mass Timber building. The striking design showcases laminated, pre-engineered wood as the primary load-bearing structure. Replacing steel and concrete, Mass Timber doesn’t attempt to hide structural elements; on the contrary, Mass Timber expresses the natural beauty of wood as integral to both the architect’s and owner’s statement. This natural beauty of wood, together with lamination processes such as CLT, complements while minimizing traditional concrete and steel building materials.

Cross Laminate Timber (CLT)

Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) is our preferred Mass Timber material, known for its dimensional accuracy, strength, and beauty. Solid-sawn layers of wood are glued together and milled into thick wood panels that are surprisingly strong and thermally efficient. CLT panels are precisely precut at the mill and delivered to the job site ready for installation. A high-performance substitute for conventional concrete and masonry, CLT offers significant shear capacity, which is fundamentally the benefit of steel I-beam. CLT panels can be used as load-bearing shear walls in lateral systems. Carrington Construction Inc. tradesmen are skilled in detailing the panel-to-panel joints required to properly transfer in-plane shear strength.

Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT)

Beautiful and functional, DLT wood panels use hardwood dowels to friction fit pre-milled boards together. The resulting strength makes DLT suitable for floors and non-structural walls with desirable acoustical qualities, but unlike CLT, DLT has limited sheer strength.  Introduced in Switzerland in the 1990’s, DLT avoids the use of glue, and in doing so, also avoids the VOCs and environmental impact from adhesive usage, ideal for LEED certification.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Complementing our expertise in Mass Timber, our experience with advanced SIPS technology is another reason to choose Carrington Construction Inc. for your next commercial project. Superior in many ways to traditional construction, SIPS offer a more cost-effective solution to lower project costs and a more energy-efficient building. SIPS share many of the same benefits of Mass Timber in that they are manufactured off-site to building prints, creating greater precision and efficiency on the job site. Less waste, fewer trucks, reduced construction time, and superior thermal and acoustic qualities make SIPS a smart choice for achieving building quality and sustainability.


Historical Restoration for Commercial Properties

Renovating or expanding a building with historic status can be a bit of a tightrope walk. The team at Carrington Construction Inc. enjoys historical restoration, and we know how to accommodate the California Historical Building Code and any local regulations.

Your commercial contractor must be knowledgeable in the tools and materials used to construct the building, and how to appropriately apply modern techniques to the restoration process. We bring only the most talented, experienced tradespeople into the process to make sure your building is both historically authentic and fit for your current business needs.

Cannabis Indoor Farming and Retail

Carrington Construction Inc. also has years of experience as a cannabis dispensary builder. Whether new construction or building out an existing property, we know how to build cannabis retail storefronts and storage and growing facilities. From design to the final touches, we can help your business grow with a custom-built dispensary from a trusted commercial contractor.

Wineries, Breweries and Tasting Rooms

We build and remodel wineries and tasting rooms complete with cellars, caves, dining areas, and all the amenities you need. Our master carpenters and masons have particular expertise in designing beautiful projects for vineyards in the Sonoma and Napa wine country.

If you’re looking to attract more visitors and elevate your brand, a new tasting room serves as the perfect centerpiece. If you are looking for a tasting room contractor who specializes in the kind of artisan craftsmanship that you want your visitors to see, talk to us at Carrington Construction Inc. to request a consultation.

Tasting Room Contractor | Carrington Construction Santa Rosa CA

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