Vista Grande

Vista Grande


Foyer with Ceiling

Kitchen and Foyer


Kitchen Angled View

Kitchen View

Kitchen Detail

Dining Room View

Living Room

Foyer Exterior

Extension Exterior

Garage Side Exterior

Exterior Front

The Vista Grande project was a gem of a project. The Architecture and design, coupled with nature, natural light and vast views of Shiloh Park were extraordinary. The entry says welcome with its large posts, beams and tile, making both the interior and exterior exquisite. Also on the exterior were Ipe decks and stainless steel post and cable rail. This allowed the views of the surrounding wilderness to flow through without obstruction. The turret construction enhanced the elegance of the indoor entertaining area.

Photos by Dudley DeNador

Project Details

Client: Client Name
Date: Date of Completion
Features: Circular construction

Project Features

There are rich interior wood floors, many exposed pine windows, beautiful casings, level 5 smooth walls and amazing paint colors throughout. The kitchen cabinets are also full of detail, and the bathroom hall vanity with a beautiful burl counter top adds a rustic elegance.

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