Building a custom home can be a dream come true for home buyers. Imagine picking and choosing every detail and option of a new home from the lot on which you build on down to every fixture, light and door handle. Ah yes, finally – your dream home comes true! But as most custom home buyers discover, building a custom home is a huge undertaking. Carrington Construction Inc partners with the home buyer to provide a process and years of experience to help things run as smoothly as possible. One of the first questions we get is which come first – the lot or the builder:

Should I Choose a Lot or a Builder First?

Custom home buyers instinctively want to find their dream lot first, get an architect to design the perfect house and then get bids from multiple builders to find the lowest build price. But this is rarely the best way to go. Why? Because individual buyers face a myriad of challenges acquiring the lot. Typically, a buyer will be competing with other builders and real estate investors who have more resources to research a lot’s value. Builders can evaluate the value of the lot and submit offers to the seller much more quickly than most buyers can. There are many considerations when selecting a lot including setbacks restrictions, topography, soil quality, title issues and lack of public water and/or sewer hookups. Any buyer needs to be aware of these issues and the builder typically has the knowledge and resources to get an evaluation done faster and can therefore pull the trigger on an offer to an eager seller.

How Carrington Construction Helps Building a Custom Home

As an experienced custom home builder in Santa Rosa, Carrington Construction Inc can provide insights into the viability of a lot that ordinary buyers might miss. Typically, a buyer may seek out a flat lot on which to build. But the reality is that a lot with some sloping can help with drainage. Larger slopes can allow interesting design options with multi level entries and more. The point here is that an experienced home builder can see value in a lot that others might miss allowing for cost savings on the lot purchase.

In addition, a custom home builder like Carrington Construction Inc can help clients manage their project budget. We have several interior designers we recommend that help our clients with the design choices that have a direct impact on project budget. From door handles to windows, flooring choices to crown moldings, every detail adds up on project cost. The interior designer can help with option selections and save a lot of money overall.


Searching for a your dream lot may sound like a fun and exciting way to begin from custom home project, but the reality is that buyers should engage with their home builder first. Any custom home construction project is a big complicated job and you should get the help of an experienced builder right from the start. By doing so, buyers will likely save a lot of money and avoid major mistakes while making the process less stressful.